Services   Nobil Petroleum Testing, Inc.  provides testing services for mid distillates including diesel fuel, jet fuel, for determination of physical and chemical properties relative to ASTM, DEF STAN and JIG specifications, as well as customer’s specific requirements for quality control. Throughout the years we specialized in Aviation Turbine Fuel, providing not only testing and inspection services, moreover assisting our customers with our expertise in quality control and acceptance testing , resolving incidental quality issues during transportation, storage of  jet fuel or during maintenance of equipment and fuel systems, as well as establishing product quality control protocols. Our full integrated laboratory Management and Reporting System allows for extensive data capture and retention using the latest SQL Server database architecture. This is further enhanced by a flexible reporting system which allows us to provide custom reports to our customers. Unique identification of samples and tests provides accurate traceability of samples, batches, tests and associated results. Some of our routine tests are listed below, nevertheless we are always upgrading and expanding upon our capabilities to suit our customers’ and the industry’s requirements. NOBIL’S JET FUEL TESTING INCLUDES Total Acidity                                         Aromatics                                          Mercaptan Sulfur                                   Sulfur Total                                          Distillation                                          Flash point                                          Density                                                 Freezing Point                                  Viscosity                                                 Net Heat of Combustion                   Smoke Point                                         Naphthalenes                                 Copper Corrosion                                 Thermal Stability (JFTOT)                    Existent Gum                                         Microseparometer Rating (MSEP)   Electrical Conductivity                          Doctor Test                                         Microbial Growth Appearance Free Water and/or Particulates                                          D3242 D1319 D3227 D4294 D86 D56 D1298 D2386, D7153 D445 D3338 D1322 D1840 D130 D3241 D381, IP 540 D3948 D2624 D4952 Hylite-2, Microb monitor, etc. Clear and Bright Bucket Method