About Nobil PetroleumTesiting, Inc. is a small, strong family business, certified by Port Authority of New York, New Jersey and The City of New York as Small Business Enterprise and Woman Owned Business Enterprise. Thru its core representative and founders, Nobil Petroleum Testing, Inc has a very strong and in depth background and experience of more than 60 years in the Petroleum Industry, specifically in Laboratory testing, sampling and inspection services for petroleum and petroleum products, throughout the years specializing in Aviation Turbo Fuel (Jet Fuel). Nobil Petroleum Testing has been the premier fuel testing laboratory serving the airports in the NY Metropolitan area for the past fourteen years. We have provided daily quality control and acceptance testing of Jet Fuel entering JFK International Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport and LaGuardia Airport with a combined annual uplift in excess of two billion gallons! In addition to this routine acceptance testing and periodic full conformity analysis Nobil has been called upon by the Port Authority of NY&NJ, NTSB, FAA, major airlines and in one case the FBI for fuel testing, sampling and inspection services, subsequent to major air disasters. The resulting samples and analysis were used as evidence during subsequent investigations. Nobil Petroleum Testing has been actively involved along with partners like Continental Airlines, Merck, BCA Inc. in research and testing for Microbial Growth in aviation fuels in the process of bringing into the industry new, competitive, reliable equipment and test methods Going forward we are organically expanding our expertise in the new field of biofuels for aviation, being strategically positioned at the “cutting edge” of the industry In Dec 2011 Nobil Petroleum Testing, Inc. was awarded a grant, along with other major aviation industry companies, to develop a research R& D Study for “Advanced Jet Fuel Quality and Performance Control Research and Development (R&D Study)”, which is part of US DOT/ Volpe National Transportation System Center/ FAA project on introduction of Alternative Aviation Fuels. The research Publishing is part of the effort for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to adopt new technologies and evaluate alternative fuels for use in the National Airspace System (NAS) in accordance with the NextGen Implementation Plan (NGIP). The research study covers supply chain for alternative fuels from the manufacturing point to the wing of the airplane. Our Company has actively participated (planning and fuel testing) throughout 2012 until present to the success if the “Green Lane Project “ at JF Kennedy Int’l Airport: first-ever series of biofuel-powered intercontinental flights, operating weekly by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines from New York to Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. Additionally we were actively called upon by members of the Airport Cooperative Research Program ACRP 02-036 “Assessing Opportunities for Alternative Fuel Distribution Programs”